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【Use One】

Used as organic solvents and chemical raw materials, as well as raw materials for the preparation of medicines and spices

【Use Two】

Used as a solvent for molecular weight determination and chromatographic analysis reagent

【Use Three】

Used as an organic solvent, and also a raw material for the preparation of medicines and spices

【Use four】

Tert-butanol is an important intermediate for insecticides Buprofezin, hydrazine, tebufenozide, etc., acaricide pyridaben, and herbicide sec-butaline. Sodium tert-butoxide is an important intermediate in the pesticide industry. Sodium alkoxide application, mainly used for pyrethroid cyclization reaction.

【Use Five】

It often replaces n-butanol as a solvent for paint and medicine. Used as an internal combustion engine fuel additive (to prevent carburetor icing) and antiknock agent. As an intermediate in organic synthesis and an alkylation raw material for the production of tert-butyl compounds, it can be used to produce methyl methacrylate, tert-butylphenol, tert-butylamine, etc., for the synthesis of medicines and perfumes. Dehydration of tert-butanol can produce isobutylene with a purity of 99.0-99.9%.

【Use Six】

Solvent. Manufacture of flotation agents and perfumes, solvents and intermediates for molecular weight determination. It can be used as a wax remover, a solubilizer for denatured alcohol, and used to stabilize chlorohydrocarbons. The hydroxyl group on the tert-butanol molecule is easily substituted to generate tert-butyl halide or peroxide, making tert-butanol an important alkylating agent, especially for aromatic hydrocarbons and phenols, and can produce a variety of fine chemicals , Such as medicines, pesticides and various additives.

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