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Density 1.135g/cm3

Boiling point 367.7ºC at 760 mmHg

Melting point: 223-224°C

Molecular formula C13H8Br3NO2

Molecular weight 449.92000

Flash point 146.3ºC

Accurate quality 446.81100

PSA 49.33000

LogP 5.00500

Refractive index 1.57

Storage conditions        

This product should be sealed, dry and protected from light.


1. Not only effective against gram-positive bacteria, but also effective against gram-negative bacteria and certain molds. It has low toxicity, little skin irritation, no photosensitivity, and more stable to heat.

Molecular Structure        

1. Molar refractive index: 85.78

2. Molar volume (cm3/mol): 215.2

3. Isotonic specific volume (90.2K): 613.3

4. Surface tension (dyne/cm): 65.8

5. Polarizability (10-24cm3): 34.00

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