Titanium dioxide CAS No.13463-67-7

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Use 1: Used in paint, ink, plastic, rubber, paper, chemical fiber and other industries.

Use 2: Edible white pigment; compatibilizer. Silica and/or alumina are commonly used as dispersion aids.

Use 3: White inorganic pigments. It is the strongest coloring power among white pigments, has excellent hiding power and color fastness, and is suitable for opaque white products. The rutile type is especially suitable for plastic products used outdoors, and can give the products good light stability. Anatase is mainly used for indoor products, but it has a slight blue light, high whiteness, large hiding power, strong coloring power and good dispersion. Titanium dioxide is widely used as a pigment for paint, paper, rubber, plastic, enamel, glass, cosmetics, ink, watercolor and oil paint, and can also be used in the manufacture of metallurgy, radio, ceramics, and welding electrodes. In recent years, it has been discovered that nano-sized titanium dioxide has certain special uses, such as sunscreen cosmetics, wood protection, food packaging materials, agricultural plastic films, natural and man-made fibers, transparent exterior durable topcoats and effect pigments, and can also be used as high-efficiency Photocatalysts, adsorbents, solid lubricant additives, etc.

Use 4: As a food coloring agent, my country stipulates that it can be used in preserved fruit, the maximum use amount is: 10g/kg; in candy coating, the maximum use amount is 2.0gkg.

Use five: used in paint, plastic, rubber and other industries

 Use 6: 1. Uniform particle size and good dispersion; 2. Basically no scattering effect on incident visible light, with strong UV shielding ability and excellent transparency. As a new type of material, it has been widely used in cosmetics, coatings, and paints. In other products; 3. Applied to plastic, rubber and functional fiber products, it can improve the anti-aging ability, anti-chalking ability, weather resistance and strength of the product, while maintaining the color and luster of the product, and extending the life of the product; 4. Used in inks, coatings, textiles, can improve its adhesion, anti-aging, scrub resistance; 5. Lipophilic, can be well dispersed in organic solvents and plastic resins; 6. Used in papermaking In industry, it can improve printability and impermeability; 7. It can also be used in metallurgy and aerospace industry.

Use 7: Preparation of a certain concentration of titanium compound standards, pigments, ceramic industry, 4N grade titanium dioxide is used to prepare high-temperature alloys, high-temperature sponge titanium raw materials.

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